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We don’t just sell gifts, We design Japanese contemporary taste gifts include ones based on Japanese Sake. Each gift is specially created to create a WOW impression. These gifts can be used for Thank You Gifts, Corporate Promotional and Branding.


A gift for a travel agency specialized in Luxury customers.


Chopsticks related to Sake industry gift for a travel company

2017,2016 ,2015

Silk and Linen gift for a hotel group.

Vintage Sake baggage gift for a travel company

Tabi Socks gift for a travel company

Mobile Fan gift for a travel company

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Four Seasons Cracker

is as the name suggests is Party Popper for special occasions! What makes it different from other poppers is that its packed with essence of Japan like “cherry blossom” “rain drop” “autumn fallen leaves” and “snow”…continue

Sakura Clip

Flowers that blossom at important milestones
Cherry blossoms are representative of Japanese flowers and have been a special flower since ancient times….continue


Yoshino Chopsticks

Yoshino Chopsticks, made from cedar and Hinoki cypress,are immaculate and graceful with their rich aroma and beautiful texture.Yoshino Chopsticks began the production at the beginning of the Meiji Era in Yamato-Shimoichi in Yoshino when people felt it a pity to see the scraps of high grade Yoshino Cedar going to waste when Tarumaru(Sake caskets) were being made. It was the beginning of the story of the Yoshino Chopsticks industry.

Kimono Furoshiki

In a glance it looks Kimono, the traditional clothing of Japan. In truth It is the art of folding a sheet of Furoshiki, traditional wrapping cloth with decorative designs ,into Kimono. This will make a perfect gift from Japan


Darumaotoshi motif masking tapes

Daruma Otoshi is a traditional game played with a daruma doll in five pieces, usually in the colors of the rainbow, from top to bottom: head — a man’s face, blue, green, yellow, red. The game is played by using a small hammer to hit each of the colored pieces, from bottom to the top, without letting the pieces fall during the game.”…continue

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