The name “Luxuryeast” comes from combining the words “Luxury,” which signifies a special fun and joy, and “yeast” which further combines the word “yeast” which is used not only in sake, but in Japanese food culture as a whole, with the word “east” signifying East Asia. With the goal of sharing Japan’s uniqueness with the world and the universe, we are making a new start as “Luxuryeast” in 2019.

In Japan you will find an extraordinary history that spans more than thousand years, a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes and a culture filled with unique customs and traditions.
Our programs are tailored to your individual interests, schedule and budget – they are as unique as you are. We are committed to providing high quality services, offering you the opportunity to feel and live Japan in an authentic way. Let us help you discover our wonderful country – we have the means, the connections and the knowledge to make your experience an unforgettable one. We can arrange and coordinate exclusive programs from FIT to Group tours.

We recognize the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through creation in harmony with the environment. Our company started with a culture village project that utilized a rundown Sake brewery in 2009 as a local resource, and since then we have been working on reduce, reuse and recycling through creation and experience projects.

Gyokuro tea is a premium shade grown Japanese green tea  with its deep emerald green leaf and its fragrant flowery almost sweet, very aromatic flavour. Harvest season a couple of weeks prior to picking, tea trees for Gyokuro is covered with Kanreisha, straw or black curtains like Maccha. Protecting trees from direct sunlight is done to produce more Chlorophyll and L-Theanine. Premium Gyokuro is commonly made from the first harvest in spring. We offer exclusive Gyokuro programs in Shizuoka, the capital of green tea hosted by Gyokuro master. Discovery Luxury Japan

The Tohoku region is an area in the east of Japan consisting of six prefectures: Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, and Yamagata. Blessed with nature, cherry blossoms and flowers bloom in spring and fresh greenery flourishes in summer. In summer, it is cool and comfortable, in autumn, the leaves turn red, and in winter, the silvery snowy landscape can be enjoyed all year round.

This is a traditional method of fishing in which Ama divers, women divers use their bare hands and chisels to collect marine products, and exists only in Japan and Korea. The reason why Ama divers insist on bare-diving is to prevent overfishing, and because it allows them to live in harmony with nature, it has been practiced since ancient times. The Ise-Shima,Mie Prefecture is the most active, with about half of Ama divers in Japan. Discovery Luxury Japan

Discover amazing food experiences like a high-class authentic japanese cuisine dinner in Tokyo, or a cooking class in a provincial town. there are so many interesting regional specialties in Japan that go beyond the usual dishes like sushi, tempura, and ramen. Food is the best way to learn about Japanese culture.

Sake is fermented Japanese alcohol beverage. Sake is brewed from rice grains and there are many kinds of Sake throughout Japan.  One of purposes of Our business is to put life into Sake industry in Japan which has been declining for the last fore decades , and make FUSHIMI, Kyoto where is Japan’s most renowned home of Sake business with many sake breweries streets even more energetic. My “cradle and the grave” in this sake breweries town, I have a strong wish to contribute to Sake industry through our business.


Discovery Hidden Gems/
Our tour program is a full range of experiences, highlighting the cultural, artistic and historical aspects of  japanese traditional industry. We ensure to have Hidden Gems which fully enhance the tour.

It is not difficult to see well trimmed tea plantations in Mt.Fuji province Shizuoka ,whose topography and climate are suitable for making tea.Tea plantations are called Chaen ,Tea gardens. Besides Zen gardens it is worthy to go seeing green shining various formed gardens. Shizuoka,the largest green tea producer in Japan is also a luxury food capital .We will create your life time memory trip to Mt.Foodie province.

Our program are not inexpensive, but excellent value, because you can see much more of Kyoto in one of our tours than most visitors will see in days on their own. And we have access to traditional industries, whose doors are not open to the public, allowing our clients to meet the key players in Kyoto,the birth place of Japanese tradition.You can see Kyoto from an insider’s perspective and meet the people who make Kyoto what it is, whether in fields of art, architecture, history, cuisine, Sake, fashion

Choko, small sake cup creations – It is the very first collaboration with Japanese contemporary artist Ryoko Kawashima right after The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011

“We create and deliver Wow experiences to people all over the world”
Four seasonal party poppers is as the name suggests is Party Popper for special occasions! What makes it different from other poppers is that its packed with essence of Japan like “cherry blossom” “rain drop” “autumn fallen leaves” and “snow”.
We chose those motifs because they remind us of different seasons in Japan. These seasonal changes are short lived, like beautiful Sakura flower, blooms for just a few weeks and we only get to appreciate it’s beauty for a short period of time. It is the same with our Party Popper. It expresses the feeling of celebration at that particular moment. Our Party Poppers can make your special moment extra special by a shower of Sakura flower or rain drops or autumn leaves or snow flakes!

birth of voice

With a warm and relaxed tone, trumpeter Hidaka Norio at Nanatsu-Ume Sake brewery in 2009. We got our start in the music concert. 2019 is our 10th anniversary year.Thank you very much for your support.

With an unchanged rural scenery and a castle town ctiy scape, Tamba is loved as a luxury food capital, and is one to two hours from the center of Kyoto and Osaka. It produces the highest quality chestnuts and black soybeans in Japan, and produces the world famous Tajima and Kobe beef. Hyogo is the largest sake distilling region in Japan, and sake is a highlight of the tours of Tamba, which borders Kyoto. The Tamba brew master group is one of Japan’s three great brew master groups, along with the Nambu and Echigo groups, and has supervised the brewing of sake for ages. The Tamba brew master group diligently brews sophisticated sake in what is called the Tamba style, producing sake characteristic of the Hyogo area, which is called “akibare” (clear autumn weather). The sake brewed by the Tamba brew master group has been the main sake style in Japan for generations. The greatest Sake proper rice, known as Yamada Nishiki, is also produced in Hyogo.

Kanpai Cheers with Sake and wine on Skype at a facility being renewed from a former brewery building into a movie theater.A scene from the beginning of silent movie screening with piano accompaniment and speech given by the director of Cinema Le Balzac , a movie theater in Paris France.

It is a scene from a Sake event featuring Ukiyoe arts.  Ukiyoe is a style of painting established in the Edo period(1603-1867). Its history began with the dawn of the Edo period, and it became popular mainly among the common people with its themes of life and fashions, prostitutes and actors. Ukiyoe was introduced to Europe and had a great influence on the development of French impressionism. It is said that the influence of Ukiyoe was not limited to the field of painting, and it is said that the composer Debussy completed ” La Mer” and Camille Claudel created the sculpture of “Waves” after admiring Hokusai’s、one of the biggest figure in Ukiyoe history、 daring scenes of waves.

Wasabi started being cultivated in the first half of the 17th century, in a highland district in Shizuoka. General Tokugawa Ieyasu had a great liking for it due to its delicious flavor and the fact that the shape of the wasabi leaf resembled the family crest of the Tokugawa family, which led to its spread throughout the entire country. In the first half of the 19th century, sushi that made use of wasabi, which removed fishy odors, increased the appetite, and had excellent sterilizing properties, became popular in Edo Tokyo, and wasabi became integrated as a spice that was indispensable in everyday life. Today, other than increasing the appetite, wasabi is also garnering attention for its effects with regards to illnesses, such as its “antiplatelet drug effect,” which suppresses the formation of blood clots, which cause cerebral embolisms and heart attacks, its “cancer-suppressing effect,” which is becoming increasingly evident, and so on.