With a warm and relaxed tone, trumpeter Hidaka Norio at Nanatsu-Ume Sake brewery in 2009. We got our start in the music concert.


Sake is fermented Japanese liquor. Sake is brewed from rice grains and there are many kinds of Sake throughout Japan.


Discovery Hidden Gems/
Our Sake tour program is a full range of Sake experiences, highlighting the cultural, artistic and historical aspects of the Sake. We ensure to have Hidden Gems which fully enhance the tour.


It is a scene from a Sake event featuring fine arts, Our specialty.


Choko, small sake cup creations – It is the very first collaboration with Japanese contemporary artist Ryoko Kawashima right after The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011


Kanpai Cheers with Sake and wine on Skype at a facility being renewed from a former brewery building into a movie theater.A scene from the beginning of silent movie screening with piano accompaniment and speech given by the director of Cinema Le Balzac , a movie theater in Paris France.

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Sakebukuro, which translates into bag for sake in English, dates back to the Edo period and was used until the early 20th century as an indispensable tool to filter the malted rice of unrefined sake during the sake brewing process. Craftspeople for sake brewing would coat the Sakebukuro with persimmon varnish countless times to produce a durable sakebukuro with waterproof properties. Persimmon varnish is a traditional Japanese natural water-resistant pigment that is made by crushing and squeezing the sour persimmon fruit…continue


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