The name “Luxuryeast” comes from combining the words “Luxury,” which signifies a special fun and joy, and “yeast” which further combines the word “yeast” which is used not only in sake, but in Japanese food culture as a whole, with the word “east” signifying East Asia. With the goal of sharing Japan’s uniqueness with the world, we are making a new start as “Luxuryeast.”our program are offered on a private basis, personalized for each group of guests. As a result, basically we do not publish a pricing menu for our programs and travel itineraries. Each is tailored to the guests’ needs, and quotations are provided on request based on program content.

We recognize the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through creation in harmony with the environment. Our company started with a culture village project that utilized a rundown Sake brewery in 2009 as a local resource, and since then we have been working on reduce, reuse and recycling through creation and experience projects.


Sake is fermented Japanese liquor. Sake is brewed from rice grains and there are many kinds of Sake throughout Japan. Their Uniqueness varies from region to region, We offer exclusive Sake programs such as “Visit brewery” ,”private Sake tasting”,”cheers with Buddha at temple ” and “first hand Sake brewing experience at brewery “.
Discovery Sake


It is not your average tour experience. We take you into our green tea field , manufacturing facility and closed green tea market .so you get to be in the heart of the action.
We offer exclusive programs such as “Shogun, beloved tea firm experience” and ” Gyokuro, king of sencha firm experience “.

Discovery Tea


Our program are not inexpensive, but excellent value, because you can see much more of Kyoto in one of our tours than most visitors will see in days on their own. And we have access to traditional industries, whose doors are not open to the public, allowing our clients to meet the key players in Kyoto,the birth place of Japanese tradition.You can see Kyoto from an insider’s perspective and meet the people who make Kyoto what it is, whether in fields of art, architecture, history, cuisine, Sake, fashion


With an unchanged rural scenery and a castle town ctiy scape, Tamba is loved as a luxury food capital, and is one to two hours from the center of Kyoto and Osaka. It produces the highest quality chestnuts and black soybeans in Japan, and produces the world famous Tajima and Kobe beef. Hyogo is the largest sake distilling region in Japan, and sake is a highlight of the tours of Tamba, which borders Kyoto. The Tamba brew master group is one of Japan’s three great brew master groups, along with the Nambu and Echigo groups, and has supervised the brewing of sake for ages. The Tamba brew master group diligently brews sophisticated sake in what is called the Tamba style, producing sake characteristic of the Hyogo area, which is called “akibare” (clear autumn weather). The sake brewed by the Tamba brew master group has been the main sake style in Japan for generations. The greatest Sake proper rice, known as Yamada Nishiki, is also produced in Hyogo.

The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. – Marcel Proust