The name “Luxuryeast” comes from combining the words “Luxury,” which signifies a special fun and joy, and “yeast” which further combines the word “yeast” which is used not only in sake, but in Japanese food culture as a whole, with the word “east” signifying East Asia. With the goal of sharing Japan’s uniqueness with the world,
we are making a new start as “Luxuryeast.”

Business Lines

1.Gift creation
2.Luxury Japan product supply
3.Exclusive Japan tour program

nanaLLC /
Founder&Director : toshi nishiyama

Location : Tange Bldg 3-7-5 Sekiguchi Bunkyo City Tokyo Japan

Contact : sake[@]7yume.org

Client : Exo travel , Destination Asia , JR West Hotels , Zuma Group Etc.

Established in 2009

Incorporated in 2015