The name “Luxuryeast” comes from combining the words “Luxury,” which signifies a special fun and joy, and “yeast” which further combines the word “yeast” which is used not only in sake, but in Japanese food culture as a whole, with the word “east” signifying East Asia. With the goal of sharing Japan’s uniqueness with the world,
we are making a new start as “Luxuryeast.”

Business Lines

1.Gift creation
2.Luxury Japan product supply
3.Exclusive Japan tour program

nanaLLC /
Founder&Director : toshi nishiyama

Location : Tange Bldg 3-7-5 Sekiguchi Bunkyo City Tokyo Japan

Contact : sake[@]7yume.org

Client : Exo travel , Destination Asia , JR West Hotels , Zuma Group Etc.

Established in 2009

Incorporated in 2015

We recognize the global environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through creation in harmony with the environment. Our company started with a culture village project that utilized a rundown Sake brewery in 2009 as a local resource, and since then we have been working on reduce, reuse and recycling through creation and experience projects.

We encountered a reuse plan for a brewery that was closed in Saitama Prefecture and in 2009, we founded NanatsuYume/nana. After that, as a cultural village centered on the warehouse we utilized as a movie theater, which drew attention as a new base of transmission for the exhausted town. “Natsutsu Yume” is conscious of the old sake brand name previously made on site. Starting from a dimly lit abandoned house, NatsumeYume/nana works on reuse of sleeping rich space resources, reuse of used sakebukuro bags, disposable chopsticks using the barrel scraps of sake, promotion of sake residue, eco bag made from furoshiki, etc. The idea of reduce, reuse, recycle and not wasting is the basis of luxury gift creation and Japanese experience planning aimed at incoming visitors. We will continue to push forward.