tea tour program
It is not your average tour experience. We take you into our green tea field , manufacturing facility and closed green tea market .so you get to be in the heart of the action


88th Nights falls on the 1st or 2nd of May .Counting from Risshun ,the first day of Spring in the traditional Japanese calendar the 88th day is called 88th Night , Hachiju hachiya. We believe that the tea picked on 88th day is high-quality tea and To drink it will give you good health for one year.


[tea leaf cultivar]
Yabukita cultivar is the most popular tea plant and approximately 80% of all tea plant in Japan.
it has high yield and the rich umami flavor.It was bred in Shizuoka a hundred or more years ago and
extrapolated to whole Japan.The leaves can be harvested only for a short time each spring.


[Gyokuro, king of Japanese tea]
Shizuoka prefecture is the largest tea producer that takes approximately forty percent of tea production in Japan. Okabe region is known for Gyokuro production,the finest of tea. The long time tea making experiences and history made possible to create the luxury tea.

Noble mellow , sweet taste and elegant aroma.
Gyokuro is grown in different conditions from other teas. About 20 days prior to harvesting in May,the tea bush is covered with black curtains filtering the sunlight

[Auction 2018]

This year’s first tea auction in Shizuoka , largest tea producer in our country ,was held on 18th April,today. A hand-rolled tea brought 1.09 million yen/ 1 Kg to become the most expensive one ever sold at the auction

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