Gift concierge

Gift concierge

Unique, Customized luxury Japan


It takes effort to find a considerate, sensible gift. In situations like this, please leave it to our company. We have a wealth of experience, ranging from consulting to production, regarding VIP gifts for the wealthy class overseas and can take charge of providing thoughtful gifts on your behalf. Please count on us for wedding anniversaries for important and special business partners, annual mid-year and year-end gifts, souvenirs, promotional and novelty goods, birthdays for employees, and anything else. We provide a wide range of gifts, including considerate established products for gifts, cultural experiences that are usually difficult to access, and mini vacations.

Our areas of expertise

・Ideas of hospitality that suit the recipient
・Ideas that share Japan’s appeal for foreigners to enjoy
・Ideas involving wide-ranging products that utilize our special relationships with traditional industries, sake brewers, Japanese tea producers, and travel agents

We will do our best to fulfill all requests