Sakura Clip(Red,White,Green)


Sakura Clip(Kawazu Sakura(Red),Somei Yoshino Sakura(White),Hazakura(Green))

Flowers that blossom at important milestones
Cherry blossoms are representative of Japanese flowers and have been a special flower since ancient times.
In Japan, spring time, when these flowers blossom coincides with the time of year for new beginnings. They are a flower that highlights important milestones in life.
Various regions of Japan have notable sites for the cherry blossom and hanami banquets held under the blossoms are a seasonal tradition.
This is a clip that is useful for keeping forms and documents together.
You can see another blossom above the milestone marked on paper.
There is a work of craft in its base as well. It is recommended for daily use and also as gifts.

Material:steel castings、
Ten pieces in a box