月別: 2018年5月


Chopsticks creation with Sake story

Yoshino Chopsticks, made from cedar and Hinoki cypress,are immaculate and graceful with their rich aroma and beautiful texture.Yoshino Chopsticks began the production at the beginning of the Meiji Era in Yamato-Shimoichi in Yoshino when people felt it a pity to see the scraps of high grade Yoshino Cedar going to waste when Tarumaru(Sake caskets) were being made. It was the beginning of the story of the Yoshino Chopsticks industry. this creation is some types of chopsticks and the Chopsticks storContinue reading


welcome kit for a travel agency

Welcome kit / This is a fully-handmade welcome kit based on seigaiha blue wave-pattern motifs that came to Japan from ancient Persia via the Silk Road. It is used by a luxury travel agency to pass files or bags containing travel itineraries, tickets, maps, and other things to especially important guests coming to Japan from Abroad . Everything⁠—including the yuzen paper, gold brocade textile, and special tags⁠—are masterpieces from Kyoto. 古代ペルシャよりシルクロードを経て日本に伝わったとされる青海波をモチーフにしたすべてハンドハンドメイドのウェルカムContinue reading


Mt.Fuji silverwork /

This is a silverwork (lapel pin) based on motifs of Mount Fuji made by Japanese metal engraving artisans. Using many techniques passed down from the Asuka period(6C to 8C), this beautiful product is a fascinating piece of work just by itself. It comes in three colors: Fuji (blue), red Fuji, and goldfish. 日本の彫金職人による富士山をモチーフにした銀細工(ピンズ)です。飛鳥時代から伝わる様々な技法を多用したこの美しい商品はそれだけでも見る者を魅了します。富士(青)・赤富士、金魚の三色。


Darumaotoshi motif masking tapes

Darumaotoshi motif masking tapes/ Daruma Otoshi is a traditional game played with a daruma doll in five pieces, usually in the colors of the rainbow, from top to bottom: head — a man’s face, blue, green, yellow, red. The game is played by using a small hammer to hit each of the colored pieces, from bottom to the top, without letting the pieces fall during the game.   だるま 昔ながらのゲーム、だるま落としを模したマスキングテープです。 幅30mmが1本、幅15mmが4本で1セットになったこの商品は筆記具で書くことができる、世界ではじめてのマスキングテープです。 日常使い(ラベルや付箋、テープとして)はContinue reading