Furoshiki Creation

Furoshiki baggage

Since old times when the capital was situated in west Japan, Japan has had a cultural custom of wrapping things in a rectangular cloth called a furoshiki and carrying them. After the relocation of the capital to Tokyo in east Japan, inspired by Western style handbags, this triangular bag was created by sewing furoshiki together.

[How to use]
You can use it as a bag by tying the left and right parts of the triangular portion together to form a handle. It can be folded into a compact size, so it also makes a convenient spare bag when traveling.

Kimono Furoshiki

In a glance it looks Kimono, the traditional clothing of Japan. In truth It is the art of folding a sheet of Furoshiki, traditional wrapping cloth with decorative designs ,into Kimono. This will make a perfect gift from Japan