Sakebukuro creation

This bag is made using sakebukuro from Nishiyama Brewery, which produces sake under the brand name ‘Kotsuzumi” and introduces the traditions of the sophisticated Tanba district, Hyogo Prefecture and Japan to the world. Sakebukuro, which translates into bag for sake in English, dates back to the Edo period and was used until the early 20th century as an indispensable tool to filter the malted rice of unrefined sake during the sake brewing process. Craftspeople for sake brewing would coat the sakebukuro with persimmon varnish countless times to produce a durable sakebukuro with waterproof properties. Persimmon varnish is a traditional Japanese natural water-resistant pigment that is made by crushing and squeezing the sour persimmon fruit. Please use this bag crafted from sakebukuro, a material that has had a strong presence as a tool in the production of the sake. Caution for use: This bag is made of vintage material. For this reason, this product may have features such as dyeing specks, flaws and patches of cloth. Due to the dyed material of this bag, color loss or color transfer may occur. Please refrain from washing this bag with light colors or whites.




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