our Discovery Tea programs are offered on a private basis, personalized for each group of guests. As a result, basically we do not publish a pricing menu for our programs and travel itineraries. Each is tailored to the guests’ needs, and quotations are provided on request based on program content.

Cha・Cha・Cha with Mt.FUJI

tea leaf pick up at plantation,walk around tea factory,tea tasting ,tea lecture etc

Location:Shizuoka Prefecture(Mt Fuji estate)
Duration: approx half day
Dates Available : early spring to early Autumn limited


Pick up from JR Shizuoka Station ( Shinkansen)

Walk through the tea fields .

Tea leaves pick up

Tea tasting and lecture

visit tea processing at factory

Back to the JR Shizuoka Station ( Shinkansen)

[tea pick up]
If it is clear day, you can see Mt.Fuji over the plantation.

[tasting and lecture]
it is an exclusive tea tasting with the tea company owner to you. He explores their refine green teas and what distinguishes it from regular one, how it is made, and its history and tradition. Taste their tea that cover the range from standard one all the way up to the premium one. You can enjoy at the table and chairs.

[Tokyo to Shizuoka]
Tokyo and Shizuoka are connected by the JR Shinkansen、which takes about 60 minutes by Hikari Shinkansen.


WOW .the Middle to western Shizuoka Prefecture is the best known for its tea is not difficult to find a green tea plantation with Mt. Fuji view
in Shizuoka.


WOW .When I visit a tea museum in Shizuoka , I hit this breath taking view in a promotion video.


Mt.Fuji is one of our icons in our gift creation line and you can find our Mr.Fuji where Mr.Fuji can be seen.

“Mt. Fuji” Memo Pad
Listed as a world cultural heritage site as “an object of pilgrimage and a source of artistic inspiration, it is a sacred mountain where the ancient worship of Mount Fuji has developed. It also appears repeatedly as a key subject matter in artistic creations.We have made Japan’s largest 3776 meters tall icon into a small note pad.How about taking this symbol of luck, Mount Fuji for your daily use or as a gift?


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