M-1 Masu Cup

The masu was not originally used as a Sake drinking cup but as a measuring cup. In Edo Period masu was used by merchants to measure for sale rice,grains, soy sauce, vinegar and sake. Nowadays masu are often used for serving sake at sake barrel ceremonies and at traditional Japanese pubs that appeal to the customer’s sense of nostalgia.


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Snow fall in Kyoto

Temperatures have fallen in all around Japan and a large amount of snow has fallen in central Kyoto.



16114921_150745265420002_207862848019158559_n (1)

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Shogun Discovery in Shizuoka, Mt.Fuji Province

the end of 2016 following exclusive tea experience has added in our tour program list.
I visited Toshogu shrine in Mt.Kunozan ,one of the visiting places this new year day.

Shuzioka Prefecture, Mt.Fuji province.

-Approximately 60 min Shinkansen ,bullet train ride from JR Tokyo Station
-Approximately 120 min Shinkansen ,bullet train ride from JR Shin-Osaka Station

visit a Honyama tea firm (Shogun Ieyasu beloved premium green tea)
You will visit a well known tea firmer and learn how to produce high quality green tea and enjoy characteristic teas at a traditional house.

Visit Kunozan Toshogu Shrine, national treasure (Shinto shrine and burial place of Shogun Ieyasu)
On this tour, you will have the rare opportunity to enter the inside of shrine. You will experience
Shinto style of praying in the main shrine in list of the national treasure in Japan.


The main approach to the great shrine is from the south and involves a considerable climb up the mountain.

People feel happy and closer to the gods When they have Sake in Shrine. Traditionally it is believed that Sake connects people directly to the gods.


You can enjoy climbing up the stairs at your own pace but at least when you get to the Shrine you’ll have the satisfaction of having made it up 1159 steps.


When you Visit Shrine in Japan ,You’ll encounter barrels with straw blankets.Those are sake barrels called kazaridaru. it means “display barrels” and not full of Sake.



Walk from the foot of Kuno-zan
Approximately 30mins Taxi ride from JR Shizuoka Station.

From JR Tokyo Station
Approximately 60 mins Shinkansen, bullet train ride

From JR ShinOsaka Station
Approximately 120 mins Shinkansen, bullet train ride



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Happy New Year! May this be a happy and fruitful year.

I m staying in Shizuoka,Mt.Fuji Province in this new years day and I went see the first sun rise on Sawara beach with Mt.Fuji view. the weather was pretty good and it was really impressed.


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brewery in Nara where Sake was born

the other day I had an opportunity to visit a Sake brewery in center of Nara, the next door neiborhood of Kyoto. their very fisrt Sake was just pressed when I visited and it was fortunate that I sipped the very fresh one as I was chatting with the brewery. It was very standard one in their Sake list but pretty easy to drink like premium Sake. Surprised. I felt that it was good one drunk during the meal.


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Sake brewery in Nikko

the other day I visited to a brewery in Nikko,Tochigi. At present We are developing the possibility of Sake experience there because the Nikko has the Toshogu Shrine,one of the most popular tourist place in japan. the president and staffs welcomed me with open arms.

I realized that they kept making Sake in the old fashion way like
no cooling devices and squeezed Sake using funeshibori. Accordingly they treasure old Sake making tools. During staying at the brewery I was scanning exciting old stuffs. On the other hand the packages are simple but sophisticated.



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tea in Shizuoka, Mt.Fuji Province

In addition to Sake, Green Tea experience program in Shizuoka has just added to our program line.
this weekend I m staying here in Shizuoka to inspect green tea industry to learn more. I got to know many exciting stuffs and We are going to increase the programs in tea field and Shizuoka.


When I m in Shizuoka, I m always staying in a town house enclosed by green tea field. It is time to breath the air.



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Buddha Bar

We are developing a new BUDDHA BAR in the list of our Sake&Arts program and inspected the world’s largest bronze statue of the Buddha in Nara Prefecture. it is 14.98 m (49 ft 2 in) in hight and 500 tonnes in weights. Lately We are working with a nearby Sake brewery and trying to create the new BUDDHA BAR for foreign visitors.


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birth place

I am here visiting our birthplace .This is Nakasendo Street in Fukaya,Saitama, with its old shops ,stalks, and unchanged lanes. Some years of our Sake&Arts activity were spent here. At these houses,ex Sake brewery site the activity was born as I was born in a Sake town in Kyoto.I can never look at that old old wooden without deep feeling.

vintage Shop Sign Says “Nanatsu Ume” in red ink. it was the best selling Sake brand produced by the brewery.Our business name , Nanatsu Yume , was named after the Sake brand name.
Our business journey started here in 2009

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Sake Lees

today is a Sakekasu day. I have  many discussions about  Sakekasu,lees  which  is the left after the sake was pressed out of the mash. it is used in cooking to create winter season dishes like Sakekasu soup.


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Sake making season

I feel chilly today. Sake breweries are calm over during summer and they get into busy as the weather makes for Sake brew conditions.


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sake brewery visit

the otherday I had a meeting with the owner of a close sake brewery
in Tanba Province ,Hyogo to discuss some developments include TV press trip from Taiwan. At present We are trying to arrange it in this coming Winter. We had twice Sake press trip arrangements with the brewery. this would be the third time .

Aside from the discussion , Every time I visit a Sake brewery I find something new.



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Yoshino Cider chopscicks with a Sake story

At present We are developing an unique Yoshino Cider chopsticks gift produced in Yoshino Province ,Nara Pref for a foreign travel company. the Yoshino Province is ethe best know cider industry place since ancient time. Once the Yoshino Cider is the main material for Sake Taru, barrel. I hope that this project will do well.

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Sake experience in Nara , next door neighborhood of Kyoto

imageThis Oct We will have an opportunity to invite one group form australia to a sake brewery. It should be a short time sake brewer visit experience however I’m working hard to organize the experience exclusive to the group . We are thinking about a gift , a sake cup made by Yoshino Cider

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Taiwan trip


I m here in Taiwan for some developments Which include Discussion with a major TV relations in Taiwan . At present We are developing the possibility of press trip focusing on Sake experience and some Japanese industries form Taiwan . I hope that it will come true in this coming winter , sake making season .
In the last two years we had two opportunities to organize such press trip from abroad. One is from Hongkong another is from Middle East .they be reported our sake experiences and our closest industries .

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visit brewery


Japanese sake is made from rice, malted rice, and water. Generally the brewery is located in the beautiful rice field countryside with good-tasting water. .

image (45)We guide you through our over century old  kura buildings where Sake has been brewed .




image (46)

Visitors are invited to witness the production




High light. You can taste the season’s freshest sake hosted by brewers.





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Vintage Sake Baggage again

today  this rare vintage baggage based on used Sake making tool  will be delivered to our client in travel industry.  they have be used as a welcome gift to their luxury customers from abroad since that spring in 2015 . I hope that their luxury customer s will be increasing.


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tea firm experience

the spring is the time to harvest green tea leaf in Japan.
We have been going to tea firm areas in Shizuoka,Mt.Fuji Area for sometime now. new program , the first hand tea picking up and tea tasting progam will be released so soon. the spring is also the time to enjoy very fresh Sake. accordingly We will prepare for green tea and Sake tasting program too.


picking up two or three leaves with the stem from the top is the traditional handpick.that feels really soft!

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on sale at MOMA store Japan

the otherday I stopped by MOMA( the museum of modern art new york) Store in Tokyo, one of best place to see and touch our Sakura popper. it is fortunate that our popper is a best and long selling design product at the world leading design store.
the presentation case is changing and I m here to check out.the store is always busy.tonight it s full and many foreign tourist can be shown . I hope that they will enjoy it .

learn more seasonal party popper




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our mentor

In Tokyo Sky Tree , the tallest building in japan I encountered a poster at a shop.
it focus on my closest black smith factory in Sakai Osaka 、the best known Japanese cuisine knife town.
it s the official local government and can be shown in KIX airport and another tourist friendly places.
that reminds me a lot of memories with the master of cuisine knife and samurai sord .
two years ago he dead and I lost a big mentor,




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born in Sake bottle in 2009

We, nana/nanatsuyume was born in this music event in a rundown Sake brewery’ s wooden houses in 2009. nanatsuyume, our group was named after their best selling Sake brand name “nanatsuume”

slide show


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Vintage Sakebukuro baggage for luxury customers

This bag is made using sakebukuro from a Brewery, which is introducing sophisticated japanese product to the world. Sakebukuro(bag for sake) dates back to Edo period and
was used till the early 20th century as an indispensable tool for sake brewing to filter malted rice of unrefined sake.
Craftspeople for sake brewing coated sakebukuro with persimmon varnish over and over again to produce strong
sakebukuro having waterproof property and durability. Persimmon varnish is Japanese traditional natural water-resistant
pigment that is made by crushing and squeezing sour persimmon fruit. Please use the bag while feeling the strong presence
of sakebukuro that was long used as a tool to produce famous brand of sake.

・Caution for use / This bag uses a vintage material. For this reason, the product features include dyeing speck, flaws, patch of cloth.Due to the dyed material, color loss or color transfer may occur. Please refrain from washing with light
colors or whites.



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MIX Magazine, Hongkong

one of my closest writer reported our Sake Arts tour in MIX Magazine, a Mice business magazine.


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Long selling

It is fortunate it is on sale that almost all the Tokyu Hands, an unique department store chain which has thirty or more branches in Japan.

for the last seven years  this paper clip has been stable in the becomes our longest selling stationery.


Paper Clip Te (in the shape of “Hands”)
this series(Hands,Human,Foot) is the first time Paper Clip with decorated handles in the world.In addition to the everyday use , this would make a great gift.

Material: steel,steel castings
Five pieces in a box
Our suggested price:525 Yen
Now on sale at Tokyu Hands,Japanese largest DIY store chain and some major staionery stores

010566_01 (1)

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very final process of traditional sake making

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tea firm first hand experience and tasting

Tea .

We have been going to Enshu estate in Shizuoka,Mt. Fuji Area for sometime now.
it has one of two grandest tea industry area in japan and visiting tea comanies to learn the industry and meet
people there is main motivation.

this year We would like to develop a tea firm first hand experience and a tea tasting event hosted by a tea brand from the estate in Tokyo for foreign visiters.

the industry has been declining like Sake, another Japanese traditional industry. for Sake, our main field the rate of consumption is about 7% in entire japanese alcohols consumpion. I think the situation of tea is better than Sake because people tend to have non alcohol growing awareness of health .

the otherday the news that a tea brand in Shizuoka is trying to stretch their fine tea products to Middle East Area was broadcasted. We believe that they also have a wish to promote in abroad, We hope to work for their passion,


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Sake Lees from a Shizuoka brewery

good news came ,
We are helping a business partner comany in food industry to look for a fine Sake lees.
last year We have suggested one from a brewery in Kyoto and they are selling it though fine supermarkets chain. besides they are exploring different quality one and weeks ago We suggested a brewery in Shizuoka,
theydesiced to sell it too,

sake lees..


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on sale at Tokyo Station

I am here in Tokyo Station Arts Garelly
museum . you can fInd our Mt, Fuji gift product in the museum store .

Tokyo Station Arts Garelly



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on sale at Roppngi Mori Tower in Tokyo

our Mt. Fuji stationeries are present at the observation place,52th flower in Roppongi Mori Tower, one of iconic high rise towers in Tokyo. the building houses Mori Arts museum , a leading contemporary art museum and store which is also the place to see and touch our products. Since our very first product, an unique watch serious ,they have been selling our beand products.


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new creation n 2016



Washi Tape ,

this unique Washi tape which has 14 Japanese traditional patterns with gold leaf
has joined our stationery product list. a traditional pattern was gold leaf printed on Washi tape.

if you look closely at a Kimono ,Japanese traditional fashion , you will notice a series of interesting shapes, lines or motifs . there are classic Japanese patters.
They are made up of design elements which are very simple on their own.
But when these elements are repeatedly arranged in a meticulous manner, they look highly sophisticated and gain a whole new demention. Besides being for fashion and decorative purpose , they are often still aimed at bringing good fortune or warding off evils .

Washi tape…
Washi Tape for packaging, crafts, and decor. These masking tape are made of washi paper so they are semi transparent, have a nice feel and easy to use. Washi tape can be reused since they are removable and repositionable. Lots of colors and styles of Japanese tape – get creative – I’m sure you’ll come up with creative ways to use these colorful washi paper tape. Since there are so many of them, you can use the left menu to browse the different sections

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one of our best selling stationeries

[product] Mt. Fuji Writing paper

Listed as a world cultural heritage site as “an object of pilgrimage and a source of artistic inspiration, it is a sacred mountain where the ancient worship of Mount Fuji has developed. It also appears repeatedly as a key subject matter in artistic creations.

We have made Japan’s largest 3776 meters tall icon into a writing paper. How about taking this symbol of luck, Mount Fuji for your daily use or as a gift?

Size:Seven sheets in a box12642927_983430268385430_3205173439704419447_n

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old posts



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sake meeting

We ware talking about some developments with the president in their well furnshed meeting room in the part of historical wooden buildings shipping their premium Sake.

it was the first meeting in 2016 and very fruitful meeting . hoping that our business collaboration will be going well.


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the other day I went to a closest Sake brewery to attend the annual Sake celebration event in Hyogo Prefecture, the grandest Sake estate in Japan. many local folks and sake lovers was gathering to celebrate their new Sake thought it was very cold.


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Welcome Sake gift for visitors from abroad

A sake gift project with a travel company,our client has just started.
a Sake bottle will be delivered to the guest ‘s hotel just before the guest will be in from a Sake brewery.
our concept is Enjoy very Fresh Sake. Making Sake in winter season is a tradition but the brewery, our business parnter is doing all the year.
We hope that it will work for Welcome sake for the guest from abroad.

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our stationery in Taipei,Taiwan

our brand new gold leaf products ware invited to Ensouler Design Festival.


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Apple Daily HongKong.

some our business partners include Sake brewery and Onsen,Hot spring resort has been featured in a Hogngkongese newspaper.
it was a part of the press trip which We organized last month.

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Sake lecture for Virginia Univ

We had the opportunity to organize a Japanese Sake lecture for 40 students in Virginia Univ,US in the Nishiyama Sake brewery in Hyogo. the president hosted the Sake marketing lecture and tasting .

2015-01-31 15.08.41

2015-01-31 14.46.42

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Kanpai with Buddha for an American group

We organzied an exclusive Sake tasting at a temple in Kyoto. the group in American travel industry and inveited by JNTO.daib00

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National Stationery Show in NY

our stationery will be invited to a trading show in NY

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Behold!I m represent in CEI ASIA

Behold!my comment was reported in CEI Asia,a Hongkong and Uk base magazine. some MICE experts at some major hotels like Conrad , Shagri La, Intercontinental made Itenaries and I reviewed them.

CEI Asia

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Tatler Indonesia

We are helping some food companies to promote their fine Japan products in abroad. An unique soap, one of them are reported in the latest issue of Tatler Indonesia, luxury life style magazine.

the article
article PDF

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700 poppers in Hongkong

[700 poppers in Hongkong ] Behold!! zuma, best known Japanese contemporary cuisine restraunt chain in the world, has Hongkong branch in central area. they will use our Japanese Seasonal Party Poppers in their this end of year event. A Nice Surprise.

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Sakura Popper in ELLE Denmark

The latest issue of Elle ,Denmark features our Seasonal Party Poppers in their Xmas Contents.Our product matchs up evenly with Dolce & Gabbana and Guerlain.We feel honored.


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on 11th,Oct We had an opportunity to guide an American who is the representative of Kyoto City Tourim around Kyoto and Osaka. I learned a lot of PR in abroad although it was just one day experince.

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our product is reported in a radio show

Our products will be featuring on “Sweet Life”, a radion show on Tokyo FM. The host is Rina Uchiyama, Japanese well known actress. Website

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Sakura popper in House&garden

*House&garden, a UK major life style magazine features our products in their Xmas contents.

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exhibited in Paper World 2013 in Frankfurt

*Our Japanese Seasonal Party Poppers will be exhibited at a booth Paper World 2013,a leading International Trade Fair for Paper, Office Supplies and Stationery ,which will be held in Frankfurt ,Germany from 26-29th is fortunate that a Canadian company invited us the trade fair.Please come and see our products if you come to be Frakfurt

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a day with Mischa Leinkauf, artists from Berlin

we visited Matsumoto Sake brewing company established in 1791, Japanese restaurant Uosaburo established in 1764 and blacksmith’s shop Mizuno Tanrenjyo established in 1872 in a day. We learned a lot about japanese traditions in Fushimi ,Kyoto and Sakai ,Osaka.

we had a lot seafood-based cuisines, which are meant to symbolize Uosaburo in Kyomachi street. my birth place also in this street.

mmk00 (1)mmk02

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SOS , Sound Of Silence with Cinema Balzac,Paris


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