Green tea serves various health functions.

Green tea serves various health functions

In particular, it is known that the catechin compound, which is the component of green tea’s bitterness and astringency, serves various health functions. Among them are the antibacterial, sterilizing, and antiviral actions.
The influenza virus enters the nose and throat, where it propagates and causes symptoms. A small quantity of the catechin compound known as the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) powerfully suppresses the propagation of viruses. In other words, if you gargle with green tea, you can effectively block the growth of viruses in your nose and throat.

Also, even research findings indicate that green tea has inhibitory effects upon even infections from seasonal influenza viruses and novel and variant influenza viruses.

When you return home from being outdoors, make it a point to gargle with green tea and wash your hands.


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