Vintage Sakebukuro baggage for luxury customers

This bag is made using sakebukuro from a Brewery, which is introducing sophisticated japanese product to the world. Sakebukuro(bag for sake) dates back to Edo period and
was used till the early 20th century as an indispensable tool for sake brewing to filter malted rice of unrefined sake.
Craftspeople for sake brewing coated sakebukuro with persimmon varnish over and over again to produce strong
sakebukuro having waterproof property and durability. Persimmon varnish is Japanese traditional natural water-resistant
pigment that is made by crushing and squeezing sour persimmon fruit. Please use the bag while feeling the strong presence
of sakebukuro that was long used as a tool to produce famous brand of sake.

・Caution for use / This bag uses a vintage material. For this reason, the product features include dyeing speck, flaws, patch of cloth.Due to the dyed material, color loss or color transfer may occur. Please refrain from washing with light
colors or whites.




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