tea firm first hand experience and tasting

Tea .

We have been going to Enshu estate in Shizuoka,Mt. Fuji Area for sometime now.
it has one of two grandest tea industry area in japan and visiting tea comanies to learn the industry and meet
people there is main motivation.

this year We would like to develop a tea firm first hand experience and a tea tasting event hosted by a tea brand from the estate in Tokyo for foreign visiters.

the industry has been declining like Sake, another Japanese traditional industry. for Sake, our main field the rate of consumption is about 7% in entire japanese alcohols consumpion. I think the situation of tea is better than Sake because people tend to have non alcohol growing awareness of health .

the otherday the news that a tea brand in Shizuoka is trying to stretch their fine tea products to Middle East Area was broadcasted. We believe that they also have a wish to promote in abroad, We hope to work for their passion,



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